Raluca is a very knowledgeable person and passionate to help. She is patient, talented and always exceeded my expectation in finding workable solutions to my health concerns. As soon as I followed Raluca’s recommendations, my health and energy level improved immediately. I now understand what foods are compatible to my metabolic type and how to better apply diet and nutrition in solving my health concerns.

Bernard Chu – Australia

The spring of 2014, the last time I was in the doctor’s office I heard him telling me for the thousandth time that the miraculous treatment to my hormonal health problems were the “Dukan diet and exercise”. I crashed. In that critical moment, where the allopathic medicine didn’t offer me intelligent answers, much less a real treatment, I met Raluca. She is a warm, empathic person – “been there, done that” – but above all her personal qualities, Raluca is a professional, who gathered the necessary knowledge, abilities and instruments in order to reach a major objective: the harmony with your own body.

I followed (and I still am) the Metabolic Typing program, which helped me understand why is my body reacting the way it does to different foods, why all size fits all diets don’t work, how to determine deficiencies, imbalances and buildup toxicity, which appeared as signs to my illnesses. It’s a complex, long term process, which requires various resources, but also the capacity to totally rethink important life aspects…it’s worth it if you are aware of your and your family’s health benefits.

As I confessed to Raluca, although the results to my lab tests she recommended me revealed multiple imbalances and deficiencies, I was actually happy, because I finally understood the real causes to all my previous health problems and I finally found out there is a real solution.

Thank you Raluca…for the answers to the questions “WHY” and “HOW”.

Alina A. – Bucharest, Romania


Raluca has an approachable and compassionate demeanor and is always open to providing nutritional as well as overall health information to support individuals in search of achieving an optimal state of health and wellbeing. She has great interpersonal skills and works very well with others. She is patient and is always more than willing to share her time and knowledge with others who are open to hearing what she has to say.
Her passion for her field of nutritional counseling keeps her up to date on the latest research related to the facts about balanced diets, exercise, the use of herbs, and the use of other natural products on the market to address her patients’ health concerns and questions. As long as I have known Raluca, she has been working tirelessly on obtaining extra training, enhancing her education, and receiving multiple credentials in her field of nutritional counseling.
I have felt more than comfortable going to her with my health concerns, as well as with the health concerns of my children. Over the years, she has repeatedly helped my family and I with multiple questions and concerns about our overall health.

Rose Ybaben – UT, USA

An immediate result I’ve noticed after I started the Metabolic Typing program with Raluca was that I finally learned how to maximize my energy through the food I was taking in. Before, I thought it’s just normal to feel tired after a full meal!…But now I know how to connect my food intake with my reactions after meals, find out what didn’t work for me and this way to actually feel satisfied and still energetic after meals, as well as being in a good mood! It’s incredible how much food can influence somebody. Then the results on a long term basis are obvious. At the beginning of this program it was hard for me to admit that I wasn’t eating healthy, but soon enough I was able to acknowledge the superiority of this health concept and I gained trust in implementing it into my lifestyle.

Corina Stoica – Bucharest, Romania

Raluca’s information and suggestion have reduced my need for cholesterol medication that had very bad side effects for me. Her knowledge and flexibility is very refreshing compared to my doctors’ that just push their drugs. If you are tired of taking all of your doctors’ drugs, you may want to ask her for some help in finding a more natural way of healing your body.

Gabe Wilson, CA, USA

Raluca is an extremely talented nutritionist who can provide quality nutritional information on a broad range of topics. I would highly recommend you take advantage of her knowledge; she is very passionate about providing “top notch” information to each of her clients.

Rick Sawicki, FL, USA

I have been close friends with Raluca for 17 years now and she helped me many times with valuable, very useful advices regarding my child’s health and my own. Thanks to her I learned not to run to the over-the-counter drugs anymore, every time my little daughter had a cold or infection, but to choose safe and natural alternatives instead. Also, I started to look for organic, unprocessed foods and included them in our diet as much as possible. I will always be grateful to her for the “healthy recipe for life” that she provided me.

Luiza Ghiuri, Germany

Raluca and I worked together on the Metabolic Typing program. She has empowered me to look inward, to listen to my body speaking to me after every meal and make the necessary adjustments. One of the most important things for me was the understanding she showed in my transitioning from “what do I eat today?” to planning ahead and thus, saving time. Raluca was also very patient with my “beginner skills” in the kitchen. The connection we created makes me confident that we will continue our nutritional balancing journey.

Adelina Treitli, Romania