The Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing® analyses 11 Fundamental Homeostatic Controls (FCH) that are responsible for one’s health. These FHCs are:

  • Autonomic Nervous System ( NeuroEndocrine, Sympathetic/Balanced/Parasympathetic )
  • CarboOxidative ( Fast/Slow/Mixed Oxidation )
  • Steroidal Hormone Balance (Pregnenolone/DHEA/Androgens/Estrogens/Progesterone/Cortisol
  • Neurotransmitter Balance (Excitatory/Inhibitory)
  • LipoOxidative ( Anabolic/Catabolic )
  • Electrolyte ( Stress/Insufficiency )
  • Acid/Alkaline ( 6 different kinds of imbalances )
  • Endocrine Type
  • Blood Type
  • Constitutional Type
  • Prostaglandin Balance.

From this concept’s perspective, no diseases or adverse symptomatology can exist without the involvement of an imbalance / “blocking factor” in one or more of the Fundamental Homeostatic Controls as expressed through the Functional Metabolic Type.

The unique and accurate testings that are provided by this system are meant to provide information about all imbalances / “blocking factors” that exist in the body and with the help of a Metabolic Typing® Advisor to find out the best protocols to address them.

The comprehensive Metabolic Typing® program has many components, all of which must be followed through to achieve success. This program is a process, not a treatment or a remedy.
The body is designed to be healthy and if we can stop doing the wrong things, start doing the right things, remove the toxins and other blocking factors to normal functioning, provide the body with everything for which it has a genetically-based requirement, and give the body the time it needs to make the changes, good health is indeed possible.” William Wolcott