Before I’ll explain what this article is about, I have to say what this article is NOT about:

  • it is not against vegans, vegetarians, GAPS or Paleo believers, or ANY other diet supporters out there
  • it is not even against certain “attempts” we see in the nutritional world today, that try to figure out metabolic individuality with unproven and superficial methods
This article is about what REAL metabolic individuality means, how it is accurately assessed and how it can build long term HEALTH.
What Is Healthexcel Metabolic Typing And Why Is It Easier Than Other Diets?
Most diets impose certain extremes that our bodies don’t need. But first, let’s define “extreme”. Extreme means taking out of the diet completely or almost completely a certain food group: proteins, carbs or fats.
Starting from here, all kinds of low fat, low carb, high protein, low protein type of diets arose over time. Were they right for ALL given metabolisms? No. Try placing an Eskimo on a raw food, vegan diet. What do you think will happen? Or try to place an Eastern Indian on a Paleo diet. Disaster in both cases, right?
The sad reality is that desperate people with poor health can get to a point where they’d try almost anything to feel better. Even if it means drinking only green smoothies every day and trying to stay “cool” while fighting with the constant, maddening hunger and…gas! Even if it means giving up all carbs and load on proteins and fats until the thyroid shuts down completely. Such examples are many.
Metabolic Typing is NOT just another “diet”. It is a complex protocol for HEALTH, stemming from ancient traditional medicine like the Chinese and Ayurveda, combined with the latest technology and nutritional science we have today. It determines the right diet for YOU and your metabolism; which can emphasize either more protein, fats or carbs. It is not meant to torture you through a diet that deprives you from the very nutrients you actually need to thrive! It IS providing you those nutrients.
One of the most common statements of people that tried Metabolic Typing is
This diet plan actually contains the foods I always wanted and liked to eat! (and we talk here only about healthy foods).
Metabolic Typing also TEACHES you valuable knowledge about how your body really works, how to interpret the signals it sends you daily, how to adjust food ratios to feel at your best and how to choose the cleanest, purest, healthiest food available. It teaches you how to reconnect with Nature and find the true ways of being healthy on a physical and mental level.
It BALANCES your biochemistry while balancing YOU as an individual. It is not “one diet-food-supplement-cure fits all”. It is not a disease or symptom oriented approach. It is an individual oriented approach. No matter what your health disorders are. And it’s also a valuable “know-how” that you can learn for yourself and transmit to the future generations.
Why Do We Need Metabolic Typing Today?
Two hundred years ago and more, people didn’t move geographically the way they do today. They weren’t racially mixed as much either. They relied on local, unproccessed, whole foods. The very ones that their ancestors have been consuming for centuries. These ancestors didn’t experience any of the modern diseases people experience today.
Today we live a complicated modern life, loaded with processed, lab-made foods, huge amounts of external stressors and pollutants and are plagued with many hidden health disorders that are not easy to identify or address with healthy food alone. We also maybe live in a different country than our ancestors did, and not really knowing what food is actually good for us anymore…We literary live in a “genetic melting pot”!
Today we DO need Meatbolic Typing. We do need a complex, systematic, proven, clinical methodology to help us get back to our roots and figure out: where do we come from and what does our body really need to feel GREAT? I wish it were easier than relying on a system! (Although determining your metabolic type is actually quite easy, thanks to the Healthexcel System.)
I wish I could tell people they just need to start eating organic and breathe fresh air. But unfortunately it is not enough anymore. Most of us DO need testing and guidance for long term, optimal health. No organic food can solve it all, really.
Why Is Metabolic Typing Healthier Than Other Diets?
First of all, most of the times when people choose a diet because of personal beliefs, at a friend’s or celebrity’s recommendation it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work for their metabolism and well being. If it doesn’t meet their unique, nutritional and genetical based requirements, then it’s most probably set to fail.
Going from diet to diet over and over again and forcing your body to load on fatty meat when it actually needs more vegetables or deprive it from meat when it actually needs it daily to stay healthy is like playing Russian Roulette with your health.
There are tons of sad stories of people that were severely affected by certain diets and beliefs they held onto, to the point where damages were irreversible. Lierre Keith, author of the exceptional book “The Vegetarian Myth” clearly states :
A vegetarian diet- especially a low-fat version, and most especially a vegan one – is not sufficient nutrition for long term maintenance and repair of the human body. To put it bluntly, it will damage you. I know. Two years into my veganhood, my health failed, and it failed catastrophically. I developed a degenerative joint disease that I will have for the rest of my life. (…) Six weeks into my veganism I had my first experience of hypoglycemia. (…) My skin was so dry it flaked, and in the winter it itched so badly it kept me up at night. At twenty-four I developed gastroparesis, which, again, wasn’t diagnosed or treated until I was thirty-eight and found a doctor who worked with recovering vegans.
Dr. Weston Price, while studying 14 isolated, indigenous cultures around the world in the 1930’s concluded that while the diets of these natives varied widely, nutrient dense animal foods high in the fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K were actually common in most diets. They were the very foods that provided high immunity to disease, fertility and healthy children.

Of course there are cultures that do fine with vegetarian diets and are still healthier than most people living on a modern, processed diet today. But when Dr. Price examined the vegetarian cultures he observed these displayed more degeneration than the omnivore cultures.


That is why being “vegetarian by choice” or any “dieter by choice” and denying your own genetic makeup and real nutritional needs, will eventually cost you your health. Remember, YOU are unique on a biochemical level as you are in your fingerprints. Your diet should be unique as well.




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