“Yuck, I’m not eating THAT!” You’ve heard it so many times, right? After all you’ve been through to cook a healthy meal, your kid is refusing it…What to do now? From my observations, I noted that kids might change their eating habits as often as from day to day. They experiment, they taste, they try new food and they try our limits as well! Sometimes it’s just about having a strong opinion because “I’m growing up”. Sometimes they’d rather have dessert first. Sometimes they simply don’t like the food.

When nobody in the house is sure why your kid suddenly refuses a food that he/she liked just a week ago but not today, it is time to be creative. When the chicken, fish, ground beef or vegetables taste “plain” (although they’re a good quality and healthy cooked) then it’s time to add an extra “something” to make it palatable again. Here is what I found that worked very well with my own child; nothing fancy, nothing complicated:


  • I make my own little “green dip” by finely chopping some of my herbs I grow (basil, lemon verbena, oregano, parsley, dill) and add some crushed garlic, pepper, salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. If you want a smoother texture you can blend it. I use it on chicken and fish, sometimes on veggies as well.


  • I use herbs again, chop them finely and mix them with yogurt or sour cream, adding salt, pepper, with or without garlic and finely chopped green onion. It can be used on a variety of veggies and meats.


  • I buy fermented, organic Zukay dressing. It contains a variety of finely chopped fermented veggies. It’s practically the only dressing I buy and this too can be mixed with olive oil, yogurt or sour cream or eaten as is.


  • I make a versatile, buttery spread/ dip out of blended raw egg yolks (pastured, organic) with melted butter and/or coconut oil, a little lemon juice and salt. You can add finely chopped herbs to this as well or use it plain. I use it mostly in sandwiches and on boiled eggs, chicken, fish and cauliflower.


  • I make my own quick salsa: chopped tomatoes, basil, green onion, garlic, lemon juice. Goes well on tacos and red meat. (And of course you’ll find other hundreds of salsa recipes on the internet for variations!)
  • And when I’m in a hurry and my child doesn’t want to eat her boiled egg, then I add 2 drops of organic ketchup or mustard.
I believe it’s always better to try and serve a food cooked in different ways, adding different dips and textures, before you decide your child doesn’t like it. This way, that store bought pizza can wait!
Photo credit: easyfussy.blogspot.com