Ready for your kid to face the avalanche of germs that lurks in schools? Don’t blame the germs, they are a normal part of life and a war against killing all germs will eventually kill us as well.

Ever wondered how come not all kids that are exposed to a germ get sick? It’s not random, it’s not a matter of good or bad luck. It’s how prepared their immune system is to fight against pathogens.

This year my daughter got moved with her school to a different school for a year, due to renovations in her home school. She goes to a small, adorable school of only 230 kids, where everybody knows each other. The new school has 1,000 students already! Besides all the chaos we had to face which we are not used to, here comes another aspect as well: bigger crowds, more germs!

Keeping a strong immune system is a complex matter and if you want to read more about this, you can check out my previous post, How To Gain True, Life Long Immunity To Disease.

But for now, here are a few tips to help your kid’s immune system and stay healthy in school:

  1. give her/him a daily high quality probiotic ( I use Original Synbiotic from Bioimmersion); probiotics are the “barrier” against pathogens and many gastrointestinal systems are low in beneficial bacteria these days
  2. offer a good, rich breakfast with healthy fats like grass fed butter, coconut oil, animal fats and egg yolks– cholesterol helps building a strong immune system, contributes to the strength of the intestinal wall and helps babies and children develop a healthy brain and nervous system
  3. have a good bone stock on hand: higher protein intake during periods of stress (like when school starts) is essential, but it’s still too warm in most parts of the country to eat heavier, cold time meals all throughout the day. A bone stock is lighter, and it is extremely nutritious, containing the minerals of bone, cartilage, marrow and vegetables as electrolytes, a form that is easily assimilated. Gelatin acts as an aid to digestion and has been used successfully in the treatment of many intestinal disorders
  4. give your child a small non-toxic, natural sanitizer like CleanWell to use at school. You can find them at health food stores. Most of the kids still don’t wash their hands throughly and/or they forget to do it. Using a natural sanitizer is safe and effective for your kid since it doesn’t destroy beneficial bacteria like conventional ones do
  5. if you have a girl, make sure she has her hair pulled back or braided; you minimize the risk of getting head lice.
  6. keep you child away from toxic environments and products as much as you can. They build up in the body and clog elimination pathways. The list is long here…


I’m pretty sure there are some other helpful, good tips out there but this is what I could think of at a first glance. I’d love your input as well. Do you have any other good tips to share?



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